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HiVE - (A BrotheBaston inspirational concept art). by Froeyo HiVE - (A BrotheBaston inspirational concept art). :iconfroeyo:Froeyo 0 0 Grul- Dragon / Marsupial Hybrid Concept by Froeyo Grul- Dragon / Marsupial Hybrid Concept :iconfroeyo:Froeyo 1 0 Izanami by Froeyo Izanami :iconfroeyo:Froeyo 2 0 MeFeels.... by Froeyo MeFeels.... :iconfroeyo:Froeyo 0 0 AdventurePunkII by Froeyo AdventurePunkII :iconfroeyo:Froeyo 0 0 C8a65698-14ba-4ec0-8b1b-44d5749e5f01 by Froeyo C8a65698-14ba-4ec0-8b1b-44d5749e5f01 :iconfroeyo:Froeyo 0 0 Adventure Punk! by Froeyo Adventure Punk! :iconfroeyo:Froeyo 1 0 Sketchthis.... bummmmmmmeeeer.... by Froeyo Sketchthis.... bummmmmmmeeeer.... :iconfroeyo:Froeyo 1 0 Boredom Strikes Back! Again.... (.gif) by Froeyo Boredom Strikes Back! Again.... (.gif) :iconfroeyo:Froeyo 1 0 Boredom Strikes Back! by Froeyo Boredom Strikes Back! :iconfroeyo:Froeyo 0 0 Decapitated by Froeyo Decapitated :iconfroeyo:Froeyo 1 0 Hi I'm Froeyo! o_0 by Froeyo Hi I'm Froeyo! o_0 :iconfroeyo:Froeyo 1 0 Neko Trick by Froeyo Neko Trick :iconfroeyo:Froeyo 0 0 Decapitated by Froeyo Decapitated :iconfroeyo:Froeyo 1 0 Sage Art by Froeyo Sage Art :iconfroeyo:Froeyo 0 0 Ibaraki-doji (Izanagi) by Froeyo Ibaraki-doji (Izanagi) :iconfroeyo:Froeyo 3 0


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HiVE - (A BrotheBaston inspirational concept art).
*Note - Metal shadings ( Shadows and Highlights Techniues ), got from BrotherBaston. Thanks a lot for that Idol!

Well... anyway... this O.C. of mine is for a manga I that was hoping to create... That's if I have the time to... because of work... meh! -_-

Well... hope you guys enjoy this one!

If any of youare reading this? please WATCH BrotherBaston. You can also subscribe to his youtube channel for tutorials.

Froeyo oooouuut!...
Grul- Dragon / Marsupial Hybrid Concept
Been a long time since I posted here in D.A.... I hope you guys like this though! Grul is my new concept art for an O.C. that I discussed with a friend. This character is for a manga that not long ago we have thought of creating. Hope we succeed on it... -_- Anyway.... CHEERS GUYS!
Izanami's marionette

(New O.C. for Ibaraki-doji manga)

As one of the rulers of the underworld, Izanami (Izanagi's wife and sister), yes.... "wife and sister", locked herself in the process of trapping Izanagi who was trying to resurrect her (Izanami wanted him to rule the underworld with her but Izanagi wanted the opposite). Izanagi was witty enough to escape which left her infuriated with rage and the passion of "entrapping" Izanagi by all means necessary. Unable to break her seal, Izanami is locked up body and soul.

Due to her mishap, being trapped in the underworld by sealing her domain, Izanami had no choice but to find a medium capable of housing her soul. She got her hands on a marionette crafted by an old sage of the embers.

...and thus, her story begins....

Follow her on Ibaraki-doji!

So.... I came home from work and was hungry... craving for some fish and chips but didn't have any fish and chips.... -_- Sad.... i was gonna order some fast food but ended up eating cheap noodles and got bloated with five packs... damn.... why don't I get fat I wondered....

I changed to some comfty clothes, got a beer and lit a stick of cigarette... sat down, got a piece of paper and a pen, tried to imagine what my concept would be for my new OC as I glanced at the superworms I was trying to get to "pupae".... I suddenly thought of a concept. Not for my OC but for something rather out of the blue and a lil'bit extreme, exotic and not for those that easily get to re-taste their food in a different manner. A concept! About food! Something to munch on! Pulutan! Being a culinary graduate who works as a film and graphical restoration artist at FPJ Studios (should've took fine arts with the majority of my working experience being in that type of field...) I always wanted to have my own bar.... just didn't have the place and cash to execute my passion or rather dreams... I thought that this was a  great concept to serve in a bar! So... knowing that what I feed them are purely oats and carrots... these superworms, basically are in heaven being able to live in their food.... just a thought though... I started to take a dozen of them out into bowl... sanitized them... didn't even need to do mise en place... rounded up some herbs and spices, oil and pinches of salt and pepper to taste for some basic pan frying... well... come to think of it... that was mise en place... -_- .... and cooked away.... though I got a little bothered preparing my main ingredient by just looking at it.... I knew it was edible... alot of people practice entomophagy now a days. Finally done cooking, plated my so called dish in a rough manner, did the dishes and eventually sat down to drink and stare at what am I gonna eat. I tasted lot's of weird food before but this one struck me... I couldn't take a bite... maybe I should've taken the head and legs out first but what's done is done... I've done and seen it prepared that way.... or maybe because t'was alive before? Or maybe... nah.... enough thoughts... drank my "room tempretured" beer, lit another cigarette, opened another bottle of Redhorse beer and munched on a piece. I just shoved it in there! Like boom! To my surprise! It... It tasted good! In fact... I really liked it! Its got this earthy flavor mixed with the taste of pork rind and a touch of nuttiness to it. Salty with a hint of spice and flavorful herbs. It was good! o_0.... The "crispiness" was awesome! Dude! Never would've thought that something that small and crawls would be delightful to the palate..... well.... that's what's nice about culinary arts.... the simplest or most disgusting piece of ingredient could turn into something quite exquisite.  
embedded_item1472837535324 by Froeyo


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Mangaka (漫画家)


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Feel free to ask me any questions too. Have fun on here!~ :happybounce: 

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